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Young English girl Satanically abused by her GRANDMOTHER!! Horrific !!

Satan's Children 60 Minutes Pt 1. 9 4 89

Published on Feb 20, 2015

Originally aired in 1989 by Australian 60 minutes journalist Ian Leslie

Thursday, 23 July 2015

UPDATE: Hampstead Satanic sexual abuse and baby sacrificing cult

Hampstead Cover Up The case so far

Published on May 25, 2015

July 9, 2015 Interview with Ella and Abe. Many proofs !!

Hampstead Cover Up Interview With Ella & Abe 
Who Expose The Sodomite Death Cult


Published on Jul 9, 2015

August 04 2015 is the new court date at the 

Royal Courts Of Justice

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1 day ago

OMG camden police station have closed down !!! See the children are not lying !!!

1 day ago
Who ignored the Data Protection Act in the social services department of the Council? They should be charged with breach of same.

2 days ago
Actually Ella is right. The reason why they join is for power and money, they get a elevated status in this life, a famous actor or maybe becoming a best selling writer. But in order for them to get famous or rich they have to sell their soul to Satan and do what Satan tells you to do which is doing sacrifices which can be a goat, but if you want to be in the highest level you must do a baby sacrifice. Why babies? Because babies and children are pure and innocent.

2 days ago
Please everyone keep exposing the evil cult !!!

2 days ago
I have some information to add, my aunt was a asylum seeker in the Netherlands back in 2000 with her newborn in a refugee camp. social services came to her and asked if they could take her newborn for adoption and in turn she would get a passport and a house. She refused but another lady agreed and they took her newborn and her 3 small children away and she got a passport and a house. The social services also corrupt. ALL THIS IN THE NETHERLANDS

3 days ago >>

Open Court hearing to decide whether Dearman will get custody of Alisa and Garbriel: 
23rd of July Royal Courts Of Justice. Be There !!

Address: Strand, London WC2A 2LL 
Phone: 020 7947 6000 
Court building open: Monday to Friday 9am 

Q: What are the nearest underground stations? 
A: Temple on the District and Circle lines, Holborn on the Central and Piccadilly lines and Chancery Lane on the Central Line. 

Q: What buses go to the RCJ? 
A: Bus numbers 4, 11, 15, 23, 26, 76, 172, and 341 stop outside the RCJ. Bus numbers 1, 59, 68, 91, 168, 171, 188, 243, 521 and X68 stop on Kingsway and Aldwych. Go to for more detailed travel information. 

Q: Where are the nearest public car parking facilities? 
A: There is parking available in Lincolns Inn Fields and Maltravers St. The nearest car park is in New Court, Carey Street, with additional ones at Drury Lane, Holborn and Shoe Lane.

5 days ago
Best interview yet well done.

6 days ago
Tricky Demon's brother in law Savio Valles, married to Dearman's sister !! - owns a Hotel called Linda Hotel !! Scroll down to the middle of this page (link below) to see content on Goa sex trafficking part. This brother of Dearman is mentioned there !! That i'm afraid is too strange and I think major connection could be proof that the children were telling the truth and this Dearman is all that they say he is !! 

1 week ago
Keep the faith that justice will always come because it will. Karma will come for these scum. Namaste to you Ella and Abe.

1 week ago
Brilliant interview thanks. It helps us all watching on to gain trust and put pieces together. I learned a lot that I hadn´t yet put together. I like listening to Ella and Abe. We need regular bi-weekly updates so the public pressure grows and grows and these people get the exposure that finally melts them

1 week ago
This is killing me. What is wrong with this picture? When someone puts their trust in the system and she loses her children, not being told what is happening with them and made to run away, this must be killing Ella. If she could turn back time, would she have just ran with her children and went underground? Now she can't back down, she's fighting for her children, her life and she is being made to look the unfit parent. Why, when it is said that what is done is in the children's best interest, it is strangers and a system who don't want it known that this kind of thing is going on? Time to listen to the children, let them express what they know and want. Time to follow through.

1 week ago
What choice did she have? Try fighting for your rights and that of your children behind a prison cell.

1 week ago
This is the best interview Ella and Abe have done, you are an excellent interviewer. Learned so much from this.

1 week ago
cheers mate and thank you for your work on this i learned loads from you Respect

1 week ago
Happy to see yet another supporter of Ella & Abe!!!...<3 <3 <3

1 week ago
The Council ("cafcass" or what ever) are misusing their power. It's illegal to hold the children, because it is against their human rights and against EU Law. The children must be released into the care of their mother, at once.

1 week ago
They apparently let "mentally ill" women get pregnant, then as soon as the baby is born, they take it away from them. What do they do with those babies?

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Understanding the Psychopathy of Satanism. Freemasons. Talmudic Jews.

 photo Mason28s_zpse546b323.jpg

In being educated into letters, etc, children are also being educated into the trauma of the horrific Freemasonic/Satanic ritual sacrifice and abuse of men, women, children and animals that was used by the inventors of the letters, etc, to ensure that the trauma of the sacrifices was encoded into the letters, etc, that are instructed to the children.

The blood-letting ritual sacrifices are still performed with the intention of capturing the trauma of the victims and embodying it in the letters, etc, through the will power of those performing the sacrifices so that the trauma of the victims of their sacrifices always resonates throughout the whole of "The System" of government, law, politics, religion and education that is all made up in the image of letters, etc.


Understanding the Psychopathy of Satanism


A common secret interest in all of these groups, one that is well known among elite circles, is ancient masonic worship. Involving ritual, torture, pedophilia and sacrifice, they worship Satan. Yet on the outside they pose as religious and political leaders, actors, musicians, new-agers, and activists against the very crimes they commit!

A squeaky clean image must be maintained, even a public one, so as not to arouse suspicion in the community. But the root of that deception goes deeper; in Satanism, everything is reversed. If they are animal activists, then they are likely the animal abusers, if they say they love children, then they likely abuse children. This is how they operate. Up is down, war is peace, black is white.

A few pages from a Satanic Bible explains their beliefs quite clearly HERE and another version HERE.

For a normal citizen, it is difficult to wrap ones head around all this ritualistic worship, so I decided to dig further into Satanism, and it didn’t take too long to came across pages of a published Satanic Bible. What I read sent chills up my spine, but the teachings were exactly what is being practiced by these dark cults. While it seems there are quite a few different sects, their core belief system is the same.

While it is difficult to comprehend why so much emphasis is put into such sadistic and prolonged rituals of torture, rape and drinking of blood, but some disturbing research into the philosophies of Satanism reveals beliefs and practices that directly correlate to the stories of abuse recounted by victims and whistleblowers the world over.

The Blood & the Pineal Gland

In Satanism it is said that drinking the blood and taking the soul gives the recipient life, especially the purest soul of a newborn baby. The torture and sexual energy prior to death is said to release a chemical in the blood which brings enlightenment and longevity to the recipient.

Many Satanic rites and techniques are aimed at gaining control of this organ and the fluid it produces: the live melatonin. When the pineal gland is highly activated, it is thought to produce a secretion of similar chemistry to psychoactive compound DMT (learn more here.) This secretion is grotesquely referred to by Satanists as the ‘elixir of life’ or the ‘elixir of immortality’, and is believed to grant the drinker eternal life and/or eternal; that is to be freed from the cycle of birth and death, hence “liberated”.

It is widely believed that the members of the super-secret society Skull & Bones, to which both George Bush and his son belong, engage in a ceremony called “The Obscene Rite”, which involves the consumption of the fresh pineal secretions of a human or animal sacrifice (there are believed to be elements which only exist in live human glandular manufacture).

The ‘elixir’ is the chemical secreted by the body at the utmost point of terror – which is why ritual torture is prolonged – and also at the point just before orgasm. In that state of terror, the brain is most receptive to trauma-based mind-control techniques and the most prone to personality splitting. Multiple Personality Disorder is commonly the result of intense trauma; it is the brain’s attempt to protect itself from its incomprehensible reality. As the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program has demonstrated, this kind of trauma can create persistent personality ‘compartments’ that are easily manipulated, and of which the victim is not necessarily even aware.


Drinking blood

Satanic Practices in New Zealand, 2010. Mainstream media reports...


Wellington – The Attack of ‘Vampires’
[He calls himself himself as “the.vampire.marius”]


Unexplained Deaths – Christchurch New Zealand

EXPOSED! Blowing the lid off the Hampstead Satanic Cult

EXPOSED! The Most Evil Cult: Blowing The Lid Of The Hampstead Satanic Cult

Published on Jun 25, 2015

The Most Evil Cult in the world has been exposed in Hampstead, London – new research suggests they are a splinter offshoot of the Zevite Satanists which are inspired by Baron Jacob Frank. Frank’s followers included members of the royal family and multi-millionaires who drank baby blood and performed cannibalism…

Tune in and listen to a riveting show of fresh new research and evidence which blows the lid on the Westminster pedo ring and the Hampstead case…