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Dutch Prince, PM & Soros killers. 800 Irish children slaughtered.

Video: Kevin Annett - 800 Irish children slaughtered, Royals Hunting children

Published on Jun 19, 2014
Published originally 13 June 2014 (Alfred Lambremont Webre)
"Kevin Annett: 800 Irish children slaughtered; Dutch Prince, Prime Minister and Soros hunting children."

Also discussed is the establishment of the Republic Kanata.

If you have any information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of these criminals please contact Kevin Annett directly.

Kevin Annett was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 and 2014.
Messages for him can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada) or 386-323-5774 (USA). 
His personal website is

Be very aware of the A.I that George Soros is funding

Article: The A.I. God announced November 19, 2017. Google-Soros-Snopes censorship

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Pepsi has now stopped putting FETAL CELLS in their products. Omg !!

You've been doing WHAT... ?????

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Sunday, August 16, 2015 03:00 pm
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Episode MP3 Link:
radiofreekanata - August 16, 2015

18:20 Cargo, Nestle and Archer-Midland, Corporate companies sued for theft, trafficking and molestation of Children from Mali in Africa. Remains of children used in rituals are being put it into the food supply.

19:20 Pepsi announced it would no longer put aborted fetal cells into their beverages. Kraft is also named as being involved in getting people to unwittingly participate in the Cannibalistic Satanic Death Cult that currently runs the world.

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Child Sacrifices committed by the Elites of Europe

Video: Breaking EUROPEAN ROYALS BUSTED For Killing Children At ELITE Human Hunting Parties

Published on Jun 8, 2015

This is one in a series of articles taken from eyewitness testimony before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Five international judges are examining evidence of child rape, torture, murder and kidnapping allegedly done by global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network.

Regular Ninth Circle child sacrifices were said to take place in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals, the Vatican, on private estates and groves and government military bases in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, England and the US. 

At least 34 child mass grave sites were identified in Ireland, Spain and Canada – and refused excavation by the respective governments, Crown of England and Catholic Church. Named as present in Ninth Circle activities were Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger; Anglican, United Church of Canada and Catholic Church officials including Cardinals; members of European royalty including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip; officials of the Canadian, Australian, UK and US military and governments including the USA’s CIA, plus prominent government ministers, judges, politicians and businessmen from the US, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland and the UK. 

Teens were drugged, stripped naked, raped, hunted down in the woods and killed by European royals according to this week’s latest eyewitness to testify before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. The woman was the fourth eyewitness to give accounts about these human hunting parties of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network. A former member of the Netherlands criminal drug syndicate known as Octopus testified that victims were obtained for these human hunting parties from juvenile detention centers in Belgium and Holland. 

“In 2004 I was an involuntary witness to torture, rape and murder sessions of drugged children performed for a group of high ranked people of the Netherlands” stated a woman. “I was taken to a hunting party in Belgium close to Brussels where I saw two boys and a girl ages 14 to 16, hunted and killed by global elites. The human hunting party was heavily guarded by the Netherlands Royal Guards. I was told that King Albert of Belgium was present.” Four eyewitnesses confirmed that as children and youths they were forced to attend human hunting parties where they and other children were raped, with some killed, and deceased boy’s penises were cut off. Allegedly there was a Dutch countryside palace where boys’ penises were displayed like trophies on a wall. Some hunting parties were hosted on the grounds of Belgium Queen Beatrix’s Palace.

Video: Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland An Eyewitness speaks out Introduction

Published on May 9, 2013

During Kevin Annett's visit with us here at Freedom Central, we have been contacted by several people with some very interesting stories. Meet Toos Nijenhuis, a very brave woman who came to meet Kevin Annett at the event Freedom Central hosted for him. Following of from the disclosure of some very sad but important facts, we immediately arranged for an interview with Toos.

This is an introductory clip of the story. There is almost 3 hours of recorded testimony that will be released shortly as part of the initiative being put in place by ITCCS Holland. This is truly the most difficult interview we have ever conducted, and Freedom Central was very grateful for Kevin Annett's help in interviewing this very important witness.

Friday, 11 September 2015

30 Videos: UK Parliament knew about Satanic Ritual Abuse since 1992


Published on Aug 10, 2014

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTARY FILM CLIP - the clips are from the Swedish made film "no greater evil", made in 1992, and sadly is not the best quality,but is essential listening. Child abuse campaigner Geoffrey Dickens MP, who handed his dossiers on child abuse within the establishment to Leon Brittan, and others, (dossiers which all subsequently went conveniently missing-or did they?) died in 1995. Footnote-does any one have the rest of this documentary?

More Videos on this topic:

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hampstead Cover-Up. London England Satanic cult, elite pedophiles

Video: Hampstead WhistleBlowers Fear Is The Mind Killer Info/Research
Published on Dec 16, 2015
This video puts visuals to the confessions of the Hampstead Whistle-Blower Children Original Video made Aug/Sept 2014

These are the testimonies of two London (UK) Primary School children, a boy aged 8 years and a girl aged 9 years old. These testimonies were recorded in August-September 2014 by their Russian mother Ella Gareeva (previously Draper) and her English partner of 12 months, Abraham Christie. The videos were released online in February 2015 by a third party.

The man the Children refer to as "Papa" is their English father. "Papa" means "Dad" in Russian. It is this man, the children's own "Papa" the children say have been their abuser, from when they were 3 and 4 years old. This is a VERY bad man, and a very influential man with a large Satanic Cult following in London, the greater UK and throughout pedophile circles world wide. He runs a child pornography operation producing videos and advertising children that pedophiles can abuse. He has to be stopped.

The father is attempting to gain Custody of the children, who are currently in Foster Care in the south of England which is a known honey-pot region for pedophiles. The children in fact might still be being abused, even though they are in "care". UK police removed the children from their mother's home in September 2014, even though the children had never named her as committing any offense against them. On August 6, 2015, a UK judge put the case off until early February 2016. The People of the World now have a window of opportunity for the next 5 months, to get this information out to all the World. This work is highly necessary. We need to work efficiently, and fast !!

When we Share this information on Social Media, talk about it to people face-to-face, print and distribute fliers, phone radio stations and write letters to newspapers and our local politicians, we put pressure on ALL of those organisations who are currently trying to suppress this information from going out abroad.

We challenge the Media, the Politicians, the Police and we also challenge public opinion - whose tendency is to deny such things are going on in the world. It is up to we ourselves - this Community of People who now see this information - to maintain the pressure! These evil people can no longer hide or silence this case. These children and thousands of children all over the world every week are being abused by Satanists and other groups of pedophiles. It's time we opened our eyes, and see the reality of what's happening right now in our world.



Only through The People (us) keeping the pressure on will we be able to defeat this Baphomet who continues to strive with humanity, right to this day !!


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