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USA NY, Nebraska, LA, Manhattan Beach 1980s


Published on 20 May 2015

The two children in the Christchurch School at Hampstead Sexual Ritual Abuse case have often been criticised and perhaps by "people" in defence of the their father who they accused of being the main abuser and "head of the cult" – accuse the children of having made up their stories or someone else has taught them to say such things; - okay so this may not bee "proof" - but you will hear (around the 4min mark) other sexually abused children and who have had the opportunity to say why on earth would they come out with such an elaborate plot and story if it wasn’t true? This was during the 1980s and these children are saying the same as what 'A' and 'G' state - also claiming a Satanic cult is involved. Source:

Besides, with "Christchurch" children's statements they are far too long and detailed as they describe things more than above than what someone with an ulterior motive would wish to teach them to say as most people even with an excellent memory would surely get confused and forget.

“Child ‘A’ has explained that at school a teacher named Mr. H calls children over and makes them take off their underwear. ‘A’ explained that she and other children including ‘G’ are made to bend over and a “plastic willy” is inserted into the anus. Whilst Mr. H holds onto their hips. A also stated that Mr. H “makes noises” while this is done.
Of note, she says that he gives them a ‘Refresher’ sweet bar to eat as a reward and to chew on while this is happening so they “can’t scream or make a noise” and they are asked to face forwards and not look backwards. ‘G’ has said that the same thing has happened to him. ‘G’ says that after this has happened he has bleeding from the anus and subsequently. It is very painful when he opens his bowels.”

Victim G Physical injuries described.
His (G) anus was examined in the left lateral position using gentle buttock separation for 30 seconds. He had one anal fissure scar at 9 o’clock on examination of the anus. There was no reflex anal dilation.”

“In both the general physical examination and the genital examination of G today. There are physical signs consistent with the allegations given by G and A. The scar in the anus is from a healed fissure, secondary to the application of a blunt penetrating force that he (G) has alleged.
In summary, G has physical signs consistent with his allegations of both physical abuse and sexual abuse. “
Dr. Harriett Gunn (SHO) to
Dr. Deborah Hodes.
Medical Report Dated September the 22nd 2014. 

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