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Is Demonic Possession REAL? Malachi Martin on Coast to Coast 1996. Satanist worship in the Vatican. (3 hrs)

Please listen to this radio show in context of its time - 1996.  A lot has happened in the world since 1996. That is the same year in fact that Vladimir Megre published "Anastasia" in Russia, the first book of The Ringing Cedars series.

In The Ringing Cedars, Anastasia said in 1994 definitively, there WAS a great calamity that the world was going to face by the time we got to the year 2000.  However, she said (in 1994) through the touch of the hands in Mother Earth of the active gardeners in Russia through the 1980s and 1990s (hundreds of thousands of them - the "dachniks"), these calamities would be diverted.

Since 1996, the sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church clergy - particularly of boys - has come into the public eye. Many commentators now talk about the Catholic Church itself, as being the Anti-Christ.  The irony is that Malachi Martin is looking outside himself (his church) for the greatest evil to arise in the world over the last 2000 years - the Roman Catholic Church - which simply is the Roman Empire in another wolf's clothing.

At 2:09:00 in the discussion of paedophilia (which he later erroneously terms as "homosexual") Malachi Martin shows that he knows nothing about the Canon Law that protects priests who have been caught "soliciting", ie: grooming and molesting parishioners, mainly children.

Please see this article which is in reference to the British judicial system also adhering to the Catholic Church's Canon Law on "Solicitation". The videos on the article are shocking, as you join the dots together

exorcist Malachi Martin interview (3 hours) topic: 
demonic possession and exorcism

Published on Sep 12, 2012

October 18th 1996 - 1st interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM -

Something that authenticates His honesty and appreciation of truth was his later exposing of the corruption in the vatican and the worship of satan going on there. - Both He (Malachi Martin) and Gabriel Amorth (another Vatican exorcist) both have confirmed that there is Satanic worship going on in the Vatican by priests.

For both men to know the power of the Vatican and still come forward with such truth shows their integrity, even if I think they have some doctrine and dogma which is not completely correct. He is a very interesting person to listen to, with much wisdom about the subject

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