Friday, 24 April 2015

2014-2015 Children's TESTIMONY - Ritual Abuse UK

Please go easy on yourself if and when you decide to watch this video. This video is emotionally, very heavy going.  Here's my recommendation:

Go easy on yourself. I watched the original 40 minute video all at once on around Feb 10, 2015. It maybe wasn't the best idea... I swore like a trooper for three days - so angry - and I became somewhat unhinged... The antidote was to lie on my back lawn for a couple of hours. I kind of came back to normal after making a conscious connection with our Mother Earth again. I was still completely stressed out by this for around a month and was very short-tempered with everyone. At the end of the day, we need to watch this... so we can understand what these children - thousands of them in the UK - are living through right now on a daily basis. Let's not shirk away from our responsibility as adults to SEE what is happening to these vulnerable ones... After all, it is only WE who can take effective action. And we can't do that if we can't bring ourselves to really know what's going on.

Full Story of Kids Whistleblowing Satanic Sex Cult in Hampstead London UK

Published on Feb 12, 2015

This is not a hoax and the recent exams showed the kids have been sexually abused. The case is being fully investigated by Barnet Police as of 11/02/15.

It is said around 20 children from different schools are being abused in the cult, which has members from several schools in Hampstead, London, them being: Ricky Dearman (the kid's father and head of the cult), the other children's parents, some teachers and head teachers, police officers, social services who provides babies and the list goes on.

Ricky Dearman is a British aspiring actor (easy to Google) and is the father of the kids in the video. Their mother, Russian Ella Draper has been surprised with the kid's abrupt disclosure while on a holiday with her and her new partner Abraham Christie, last September 2014. 

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