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Statistics: "Michelle Remembers" - Michelle Smith & Lawrence Pazder (1980)

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Pat Evans's review Oct 24, 2014.                                                 
Read in October, 2014

I'm very surprised at the negative reviews on this book. The Satanists are correct when they tell their victims to go ahead and tell people what we do 'no one will believe you'. The bad reviews prove this.

I admit that marrying your therapist who is writing your book isn't good for credibility. But that doesn't mean Michelle didn't experience SRA.

I have read research papers on SRA survivors and they all report the similar abuse that Michelle experienced and reported.

I have also read 22 faces Jenny Hill's SRA. Nobody wants to believe the children. Here are some statistics...

26 children from 14 families:
  • 61% reported abuse by two generations of older relatives
  • 89% threats with supernatural powers
  • 85% made to ingest or touch excrement
  • songs and chants 69%
  • 77% death threats, spiders & insects placed on them

37 adult SRA survivors report:
  • 80% stated ritual abuse began before age 6
  • 84%-forced to drink blood
  • 84%-tied up
  • 78% drugged
  • 61% deprived of food
  • 57% forced to eat flesh
  • 54% deprived of sleep
  • 54% had electric shock
  • 75% reported being isolated
  • 61% ejaculated on
  • 54% urinated on
  • 38% defecated on
  • 50% put in coffins (46% with corpses)
  • 44% buried alive
  • 39% put in graves
  • 84% reported human sacrifice
  • 14% were breeders for sacrifices.

And it goes on and on...

Research on allegations of ritual abuse is important and needed. Until we can better clarify this troubling subject we will continue to hear innocent children's outcries not being taken seriously.

The people involved hold powerful positions in society who aid in the cover up of SRA.

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